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Well, i was ,looking forward to some of these movies for a LONG time. They are, Madagasca2, Wild child, berverly hills chihuahua, Bolt, Four christmas... Today, me and my family watched two movies,  bolt and four christmas. we enjoyed bolt. really. it's a recommendation to everyone! it's a must watch! haha. during the movie, my contact lens was dry and it kinda drop out. i was so worried it might dry up as i did not bring any contact lens solution out. luckily, the show was coming to an end, and we hurried to the shop and get the solution so that i could wash the lens and put it back in. at night, we watched four christmas. well, i wouldnt recommend as i dont really like it. it's kinda boring and not very advisable for young kids as it contains lots of rough words, and actions. the story was kinda dry as not much happenings, it's just a christmas spent in four families.Bolt contains more actions, happenings, and it's a more comedy movie. Tomorrow, I'm gonna be out all day! i will enjoy it so much definitely! yeppie!


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We took her back on the 30th nov 08.

1st day- She was still coughing...=( we brought her to the hospital. took xray, and found out she has lungs infection...

2nd day- fed medicine, not much better.

3rd day- fed medicine, still not much better. same goes for 4th day.

5th day- somehow it got worse. i couldn't sleep at all, she kept coughing.

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Why cant i have what i want?

I don't blame anyone for my fate or anything...

but i always wanted a dog.

you held me up and drop me down...

I am so disappointed...

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Today's my 16th Birthday, last few days had been having chalet party with my friends and really had lots of fun! There were so many people present that day, and there was also great presents!I really thank them for all the fun man! HAHA Happy Birthday to myself once again! YEH~Thanks to all those people that were present at the chalet! Cheers!! May god bless and protect each and everyone of you and hope that everyone will be happy every hour, everyday!

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My blogger blog is created! please visit there as well!

there will be Daily photo on the everyday post, and pls comment on how's my photo...yea??


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糟糕。昨天开始就有点小感冒, 本来以为没事的,谁知道,今天一起来。。。就没声音,而且喉咙痛得要命!我要怎么唱歌啊!

Oh  my gosh. last few days i was having flu, cough and headache. i thought it was ok, but then, today when i woke up, i had sore throat and practically no voice! How am i gonna sing like this?!

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I wanna go out! - only after exams.

I wanna play music! - only after exams.

I wanna Compose! - only after exams.

I wanna watch Youtube! - only after your exams.

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  • Sep 16 Tue 2008 18:27
  • Evan



好希望Evan Yo回来宣传他的专辑 :我回来了。



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  • Sep 11 Thu 2008 11:01
  • Conrad



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我是芳文 身份是Evan的超级粉丝!

1。最近最想跟谁说Stay with me?

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Do you know that whatever you do makes me feel angry?

Do you know why?

You're always doing something you think is right, you dont care if people agrees with you.

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today, i realize how near is my N's.

I decided to get down to study, it should be a good thing i think.

But i just couldn't get someone to accompany me to go to the library with me during the weekends.

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